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Common Features of the Spreadsheet App


Format Numbers


When you're using the spreadsheet app, regardless if it's for personal or office tasks, then you're dealing with tons of numbers and numbers can take on numerous forms; percentage, decimal, integers. Users have to clearly format the numbers in order to properly show just what they mean. An example would be when people find 50% easier to read compared to 0.50.


All the commonly used formatting options are features in the 'home' bar. The Format> Cells menu can also be used, afterwards use the 'Number' option inside the dialog box which would appear. Each and every format is featured on the left edge of the said dialog box. If you would select one then the options would show up on the right.


Merge Cells


Merging cells for google spreadsheet is another common and useful feature of the spreadsheet app. Merged cells are exactly what they sound like, when two and more cells are merged into a single cell. A great example of this would be when users merge columns in order to centre the header placed above. Merging cells lets users play around the strict column and row layout of a general spreadsheet. In order to merge the cells, only the initial cell must have values, any values found in the other cells will disappear after the merge. Select all the cells that you need to merge by clicking the initial one, the one that contains the data, and dragging it through the last one before clicking the merging option.


Name Cell References


It may be a little more convenient to refer to the cells according to their location, but it may tricky to pinpoint exactly what the selected formula is doing. Thus you have to remember the exact location of the commonly used cells, it's easy if you have a small spreadsheet but impractical for a large one. When naming cells and ranges, you can adjust the formulas in order to read them easier.


Use Functions


You should already have an idea regarding the basic formulas on typical arithmetic on the cell contents. But the functions found on the spreadsheet for google form templates can help manipulate various texts as well as numbers on a whole new level. It's up to you to experiments on the functions that you didn't think were there. Aside from the examples given, the most effective way to get to know the entire spreadsheet app is to play with the function browser. You might be surprised at how effective and useful the spreadsheet app is.